Inspired Service:

Amy begins each session with an evaluation of your body shape and the clothing that you put on it. This means she will take a look inside not only your closet, but inside your motivations for what you wear and how you dress. This is an approach unlike any other. Amy is not afraid to dig deep and help you do the same in order to ultimately find your authentic style and sense of self.

Wardrobe & Lifestyle Consultation Packages

A La Carte Items 

Unless otherwise noted, all services listed here are $100/hr. Custom packages are available upon request, simply fill out our contact form here.

Find Your Inspired Style

Find your true authentic self with 4-hour consultation including a Wardrobe Consultation and an Inspiration Book for use after the session is over. Feel like you’re on a photo shoot as Amy styles you from your very own closet. Longer sessions available upon request.

Have Style...Will Travel

Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, a few hours with Amy will have you ready to go with less! Her ability to mix and match pieces from your closet will ensure that your bags are never checked again!

Special Occasion Style

There’s no need to stress over that wedding, holiday party or gala event that you may have coming up. Amy will work with you, based on your unique style, to create a special occasion look that will make you shine! She can work with what’s in your closet or, if you prefer, help you shop for the perfect outfit.

Post Pregnancy Style

Let’s face it, having a baby can change more than just your life... it can change the way your body looks! As you enter into motherhood, let Amy help you define your perfect sense of style.

Weight Gains and Losses

When we gain or lose weight, our bodies naturally change. That doesn’t mean that your style has to suffer. Amy will make sure that your sense of style reflects your authentic self, no matter the size.

Style Concierge (Personal Shopping)

Let Amy find your must-haves to complete your authentic style. Be amazed at what Amy can accomplish in an hour. You keep what you love; Amy will return any unwanted items.
*Travel fees may apply when the destination is an hour or more away from Amy. 

Be Ready for Your Session with amy

Before Amy arrives, she requests that you write down your expectations of the visit for both yourself, as well as what you expect from Amy.

Have your closet the way you use it every day (yes, exactly the way it is)! This is requested because Amy needs to se what is working and not working for you right now. She will assist you in organizing your closet to better suit your needs and lifestyle. Be prepared to have Amy offer suggestions based on your needs.

Eat a hearty breakfast before Amy’s arrival. Amy’s visits open so many new doors and options that her energy alone will have you empowered!

Have a notebook for all the tools Amy will be sharing with you for your inspired toolbox. Words cannot describe the feeling; it is so unique to each person! Just trust that you are in for some unbelievable fun, learning all about yourself. Amy will help you learn things about yourself in ways that no one has ever done before. It's a huge gift!

Be willing to have lots of fun and experiment with new ideas for you!

Ongoing Support

Once your session has ended, don't assume the advice has ended. Amy will continue to be available for support regarding a quick question or two that you may have. You can call or email during the day. If you feel you need additional support, Amy can book an hour-long session to go over purchases you have made and how to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe. Additionally, be sure to follow Inspired By Amy With Style on Facebook for style tips!

*Please be considerate of Amy’s time. Things come up and while she understands that, all cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to appointment.


Body-Shape Packet

Every woman has a different body shape and every body shape is sexy in a different way. Let Amy help guide you towards pieces that accentuate your features with her body-shape packet. Simply click here to download the attachment and learn what shape you have, and which pieces compliment it best!