Customized Workshops: 

Every session with Amy is completely specialized for you as the client, but a one-on-one consultation might not be your ideal starting point. To start your journey with Amy, you have to be ready to open yourself up to parts of yourself that you might never have accessed, and that can be scary! Amy gets it. That is why she offers group workshops on a variety of topics. You and your friends or family can enjoy listening to Amy talk about what she does and also educate you on the workshop topic of your choosing.

Getting together in a group can build the relationship of empowerment among you and your peers, and put your mind at ease about opening your mind to a potential change in your life. The following workshops are a snapshot of the variety of topics that Amy can speak about, but if you don't see something that sparks your fancy, fill out our contact form and we will be in touch!

Body Shape Workshop

Knowing your body shape is the FIRST step to looking FABULOUS. The SECOND step is learning how to dress for your body shape. The secret is knowing how to make the most of what you’ve got! Amy believes that each of us has the potential to look and feel great, no matter your age or stage.

Wardrobing Workshop

Never stand in your closet again saying, “I have nothing to wear!” You will leave this event with a new outlook into staple pieces that are both fun and fashionable.

Motivational Workshop

Amy brings together motivational experts who make you their first priority. Health and fitness experts, make-up artists, hair stylists and yes, of course, personal authentic style from the inside out!

Teen Workshops

Amy aims to educate and help young girls think positively about their figures. She encourages self esteem, showing them how to dress with confidence and discover a flattering style of their own!