Amy is the best!! She goes through your closet, getting feedback from you on what you wear, don’t wear, and why-all the while listening to what you say AND don’t say!! She helps you rid your closet of unworn items and shops for you based on your individual style and body shape. She works with you to help you discover your authentic style, and she also guides you to a better understanding of yourself. So while she is a stylist, she is also a life coach, inspiring you to be the best version of yourself. All of this is done with no judgement or criticism from her EVER. Amy is the most loving, encouraging, beautiful person I have ever been around. And she makes you feel that way, too!!

- Deanna Ellis


This girl can do it all and it will be beautiful.

- Cheryl Lindsey


Amy happens to be my stylist AND my mother-in-law! How lucky am I, right? I have been fortunate enough over the years to benefit from Amy’s services and watch her and her business grow to new heights! Amy has helped me with my wardrobe through my college years, career moves and business attire, as well as new motherhood style! She has helped me to understand that each phase of life is different and may require adjustments and always reminds me that fit and how I feel in something is more important than any number ever will be! Forget the number on the scale, the number on the tag or the number on your birthday cake...feel good, look good, do great things. You won’t regret hiring Inspired by Amy!

- Lara Raymond


My closet is “lighter” and I can see so many outfit options now (with clothes I already owned). I feel so empowered and confident! Plus, now I can continue to apply all the tools you showed me for my personal style. I know what to look for when I’m shopping that will flatter my figure! The investment was so worth it! It comes back to me daily, from my family, my girls and every time I go out someone always gives me a compliment.

- A Busy Mom


For years I had been stuck in an “Attire Box” -Frustrated and confused how to get out. I was only able to recall a previous time in my life when I had a sense of personal style. When I shopped, I was daunted by effects to incorporate newer styles into my wardrobe. I was not always comfortable with the latest trends, yet longed for a fresher flair. I would buy new pieces and come to realize that they really didn’t quite “fit the bill”. My closet was full of options with few preferences that fostered positive thought.Dressing was a chore leading mostly to thoughts that losing weight would make it easier.

Alas, clarity. After hours of trying on clothes for Amy, I see that it is not my figure that requires an extreme makeover, but rather that a particular fit should be rejected.

Alas, liberation. Piles of clothes are gathered due to poor fits and out of date styles. All of which had made me feel drab anyway. Amy confirms for me why and I feel liberated to be done with those clothes. Yet, I saw that plenty of options remained.

Next Amy merchandises my closet. Suits are separated. Shoes are displayed in clear containers. Jewelry, scarves and belts are hung in organizers. Offering greater visibility.

My closet takes on a totally different appearance. I began to understand the investment in Amy will be well worth it.

-An Inspired Client


Little did I know, that when I asked you to help me organize my wardrobe that you would soon organize my life! What began in my closet led to the rest of our house and resulted in a home that suddenly was truly our own. Two words – ‘authentic’ and ‘effortless’ – became the guiding principles. This was revolutionary!

Your ability to so quickly understand our life’s work and purpose has been remarkable. The connections you have made with four generations of collecting in one house has been inspired! Each day, Ted and I enjoy the peace, beauty, and organization of our home. What is so amazing is the way that you have somehow placed every piece of furniture, every sculpture, textile, and painting in ways that have special meaning to us. This is true of objects that we never even discussed.

There is no doubt that you have a God-given talent to direct, organize and yes, inspire! What a delight to dress without stress (and arrive on time), prepare a meal in an organized kitchen, and look forward to entering every room of our home. You did all of this in record time, even dressing our house for the holidays, during a time of serious illness for Ted that could have darkened the holidays. Instead, peace and joy reside here. And, as you predicted, living authentically draws out the stories of our lives, and so we move almost effortlessly into the next chapter of living in the present and continuing our work.

We look forward to your return when you will help us to redesign our office space. This will be the moment when we begin the actual writing of our new book on American artist Beverly Buchanan, a Carolina artist with a national reputation.

-An Inspired Client


“Amy explains my shape to me and what fits are best for my shape. She shows me what styles make me look leaner and are current and interesting. Most importantly, she uses the clothes that I already own and like.

Bettie, Amy’s mannequin, is dressed in combinations that I would never have even considered. The outfits are coordinated, polished and FUN. She includes items that I had not known how to wear, yet longed to use. The outfits are consistent with my sense of self. I am amazed and excited.

My ‘Look Book’ arrives. It features outfits that are: professional; current, not trendy simple, yet interesting; strong, yet feminine and sporty, yet soft. I begin to feel good in my clothes again and that I have a personal brand. Strangers comment that my outfits are beautiful. And I owned it for YEARS!

Inspired with personal style, my closet has a new role. It is a resource for creative, fashion-forward outfits. I have many preferred choices. I enjoy getting dressed again.

I am grateful that I invested in myself and I choose to be Inspired by Amy. She is a Gift!”

-An Inspired Client