With over 28 years of experience in fashion, Amy Raymond is ready to help you unleash your authentic style, which sometimes starts within. Many know Amy as a stylist and trust her ability to push beyond the style comfort zone, accessing a deeper meaning behind the clothes worn.

Intuitive Life Coaching

She not only offers her services for building a wardrobe authentic to you, she also offers intuitive lifestyle coaching. In one of Amy’s intuitive life coaching sessions, you can expect to open up and discover things about yourself and the way you live your life you might not have been formerly conscious of. As always, Amy approaches every session with an open heart and asks that you do the same, coming to the session with a set intention.


Want to share the gift of Amy with your friends? Invite her to speak at your next event. Amy will tell you about her work and how she does what she does. She will leave you and your guests surrounded with light and love, itching to schedule a one-on-one session!