Inspiring and empowering people!

What inspired Amy to start her business?

Inspiring and empowering people! Passion is what drives me and my business. I believe style is something else altogether. It is a feel…a distinctive way we speak, act, or dress. I think of style as effortless and something that is attainable for everyone, once they can allow themselves to move out of their own way! We get so caught up in trends, but what’s “in style” does not always make you happy.

I am a body shape expert and I love showing people how they can accentuate themselves, from the inside out. It’s not about a size, it’s about where we are right now. Far too many times, our heads are in the future or in the past and we miss out on today! I was born to show people who they truly are from the inside and to let them know that the time to shine is NOW.

Inspired Service:

While personal shopping is one of the services offered by Inspired by Amy, the base of the business revolves around using what clients already have. Working with existing assets to build amazing wardrobes that result in transformation, motivation, passion, fun and freedom are what drives Inspired by Amy and what keeps her clients coming back.