Are you connected?

Imagine completely connecting with your authentic self. Do you think that you are now? Are you equipped with the tools to fully recognize the gifts and opportunities that life presents to you each and every day?

What is intuitive life coaching?

Working with Amy as an Intuitive Life Coach is a different approach to the traditional life coaching mentality. Amy works with you to uncover the root of specific habits and feelings; because once you recognize what is holding you back from yourself, you can truly move forward and break through the barriers.

What is the intuitive life coaching process?

Rather than telling you what to do or how to live, Amy helps to guide you to realizations about who you really are and how to continually access the passion that drives you to succeed and flourish in life. Everyone has times in their lives where they feel lost, but you don’t have to remain stuck in that place. Alternatively, there are times when big changes are happening and we aren’t sure how to appropriately cope or separate obstacles from blessings. These are the times when Intuitive Life Coaching is necessary. Amy can help you to mentally and emotionally organize your thoughts and feelings, so that you know how to use them productively rather than allowing them to paralyze or overwhelm you.

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